Ebook at 99¢, Print on Sale at $14

  • The ebook version of Far From The Sea We Know is now 99¢ and is unlikely to go up again.
  • The print version is on sale for $14 for the rest of April.
  • However, in May, the print version will go up to $20 and is unlikely to come down again. Now is the best time to buy.

Ideally, I would like the ebook version to be free, but that will take some doing. For a discussion by others of what I might have to do,
you can read this. (Bear in mind that it might already be out of date.)

I did take the book out of the Kindle Select program to allow more options. There were good reasons to use KS in the beginning, but not really anymore. Although the royalty rate is now lower without KS, that no longer matters as I have concluded that it is best that the ebook is out there with the least amount of barriers possible to reading it. And a few might even start on the ebook version and decide to buy the print version for themselves or someone else.

Then, why is the print version going up?

First of all, the book cannot be priced below $14 or Amazon will lose money. They will not allow it. Given that a part of anything above that still goes to Amazon, even at $20, the royalty is not very much.

The main reason, however, is that it became clear to me that anyone who really wants to read this long of a book in print would be willing to pay what a self-published book of this length costs these days. If they would not pay $20, most would not pay $14 either. Yet, if money is an issue, the ebook is affordable. With improvement in screens, it's not bad reading this way: I've read books on my phone. The book is still in the Kindle loan program, by the way.

I will be looking into making it available on
Smashwords to see if that strategy works for eventually have a free ebook version. Not because I want to remove the ebook from Amazon, however. Amazon's policy has been that if an ebook is available somewhere of significance for free, Amazon will match it. This is the roundabout strategy that used to work for having a free ebook on Amazon, and we will see if it still does.

I've also had to update this site to make it mobile compliant with Google's new standards that are about to go into effect. For now, I've adapted something basic that I could
get to work relatively quickly using RapidWeaver. A few minor things to fix later.

However, I also have to completely redo
Ingrid's site as well, which will be much more challenging. If we don't, Google will drop us into oblivion as far as searching rankings go. So, it may take me a while to get to Smashwords.

Sale of ebook version


Starting February 7 at about 1 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) the
ebook version of FAR FROM THE SEA WE KNOW will be available at the reduced price of $0.99 for almost 48 hours. After that, it goes up a dollar for another 48 hours, and after that, back to its still modest price of $2.99. It's a promotional device Amazon…promotes.

The Print version of FAR FROM THE SEA WE KNOW is now out and
available from Amazon as well.

“Fiction is obliged to stick to the possibilities. Truth isn’t.”

— Mark Twain

The Print addition of FftSWK is Out!

Many people have told me that they would prefer a print edition of Far From The Sea We Know, and I am happy to say that one is now available from anywhere in North American and Europe through Amazon. If you live elsewhere and want a copy, contact me and I will see what is possible. Of course, the ebook version is also available.

I’ve noticed that the graphics as well as some of the links in the right column of this blog have gone astray: will fix that later. Meanwhile, here is the correct one for the
Facebook page for Far From The Sea We Know.

FAR FROM THE SEA WE KNOW cover, based on an image of a Gray Whale.

Free Download of Novel


My first novel, will soon be is now available for three days only as a free download from Amazon’s Kindle store. You can read it on a Kindle, of course, but also on most phones or tablets with the free Kindle app. You can even read it on your computer or laptop with Amazon’s Cloud Reader. Unlike some eBooks, there is no DRM, the text flows and can be resized, the font can be changed and so on. Let me know how it works for you.

The free download starts started Saturday, June 7th sometime after Midnight Pacific Standard Time and runs to Monday June 9th also ending at midnight.

The Book is Launched


Far From The Sea We Know is now up as an eBook on Amazon. There is a generous free sample that should be enough for most people to decide if they want to spend $2.99 to read more. For Amazon Prime members, it can be borrowed for free (yet they still pay the author, so go ahead!) The sample looks great on our Kindle app for iPad. There is no DRM, the text flows, can be resized, the font can be changed and so on. Let me know how it works for you.
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