Frank M Sheldon
    International AAD* Spring 2020 II Began on May 27, 2020
    It is (mostly) for people with experience in Guitar Craft or Guitar Circles. Along with a large group of amazing people presenting Guitar Craft related material online and live classes by way of video, I have been presenting Keynotes there as well.

    Seven days of silence, listening, and composing for Music Box
    June 11-18, 2020. I played a small part in this and also participated. It sounded a little crazy at first, but it was great. This is open to anyone regardless of experience, including no experience.
    Contact Creating Music Together to get notice of the next one.

    CMT Keynotes 2020 began on February 25th and completed on March 31. As with last time, Creating Music Together (CMT) sponsored this project. It was open for all to apply. If interested in future projects, go to Music for Contemplation for current news of CMT Keynotes and related.

    Retreat in Place: also with Creating Music Together, we have also been doing monthly 24-hour retreats. We meet via video and phone to give brief accounts of whatever moments come to us. We call these Reports and, as much as we can, we deliver them in the present tense, the first person, and with sense details just as if these moments are happening now. This can be surprisingly powerful as, in the process of bringing a moment alive again, whatever that moment had for us seems to become more fully available. It's a second chance, and although we are narrating something from the past, doing so in this way seems to bring us into the present.

    * AAD stands for At-A-Distance. The term came out of Guitar Craft as a way to describe people who could not be physically present for a project but still wished to participate. To do so, they would declare how they would participate at a distance, for instance, take on a certain amount of practice every day, learning a new piece, making their bed, and so on. Doing a sitting (sometimes called "The Practice of Doing Nothing") every day was usually part of the commitment.

    "The Workshop is dismantled, its work continues…."
    — R. Fripp